Testing times for the human race!

We often learn from our scriptures, in the preachings and poetry of our Saints that it is our miseries which teach us the most effective lessons. I remember a famous poetry piece I think it is written by Goswami Tulsidas Ji, which says- ‘Sukh ke maathe sil pare, naam hriday se jaaye, balihari ya dukh ki, pal-pal naam rataaye’. It means ‘Let the happiness be hit by stones, since it makes us forget our God, I admire the grief, since it makes us remember God, again and again.


Yes it is true that when we face some miseries, when we are aggrieved and are unable to find a way to come out of that, then we remember the almighty, make prayers again and again. sometimes individuals face such miseries and sometimes, like it is now the community faces a misery which we know as epidemic or Pandemic, depending on its area of spread.

We know there are some diseases spread through mosquitoes or Viruses, which spread in some parts of the world, there are many casualties in some parts of the world. But the spread of virus based disease in almost whole of the world, with so many casualties everywhere, is something we have not seen in our life time. It does often happen that we defy safety instructions, related to health and feel that we can face it by ourselves, but this virus is a very serious threat to the human society.

Recently a famous Indian lady singer- Kanika Kapoor came back from London and attended several parties, where she sang before many VIPs in Lucknow etc. Later she was found to be Corona positive and it was felt that through her the disease might have traveled up to the parliament and Rashtrapati Bhawan also. However some prominent leaders who got themselves examined were found free from the disease, not sure if some other people may have got affected by it.

What we are finding now is that this disease may not have the death rate like some other diseases, but it spreads very fast and if we do not observe social-distancing, it might travel miles and miles very fast.

Almost all the affected countries have converted themselves into fortresses; they have cut themselves from rest of the world, cancelling all flights. It is such a dreaded disease, spreading so fast that we can’t claim ourselves to be having wonderful immunity and anybody might get affected by it if proper care is not taken.

By God’s grace the spread has not been so severe in India, like that in Italy, USA etc. after the origin of this disease in China. I can say one thing that India has taken a very good care of its citizens who were stranded in other countries which were having more serious threat of this disease and we are now adopting very strict measures, which started by one day Janta curfew as suggested by Modi Ji and several state governments have declared lock-down in many districts, cancelled trains and buses, since this disease travels much faster than us through them.

Yes we all like to socialize, travel as per our desire, but at present it is more important to remain safe by remaining indoors, we can do all other things like travelling, eating out, going to malls and cinema halls, once we win over this massive challenge before our country, society and the human race.

The spread of this deadly disease which has claimed  thousands of lives all over the world and taken millions of people in its grip, has posed a massive challenge before the human race and we all need to come together, follow the instructions of medical professionals and our leaders and get ourselves tested if there is any doubt at all.

These are the testing times for the humanity and all the governments and we as citizens need to be very cautious, vigilant and not take any risks. We may have to remain indoors for some time to enjoy later.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt – What lesson do you think the world should learn from the Corona virus disease (COVID-19)? #CoronaLesson .

Thanks for reading.


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