Can I be my own Hero?

I remember the good old days, when the heroes, the leading characters in novels, stories and movies, fought all odds, the evil powers etc. and in the end came out winners, scratch free. People also expected some divine power to come as a hero and save them. They themselves, while awaiting for such wonders, can at the most sit in prayer.

However, times gradually changed, it happened all over the world but I would give examples of India and that too Hindi world of writing and movies. Great Novelist Munshi Prem Chand ji who is called ‘warrior of the pen’ (Kalam Ka Sipahi) initially wrote many novels and short stories, with a moral that ‘truth is always the winner’. But later he gave away this ideal and hopefulness and accepted that our life is not to prove some golden principles and we have to live our lives, the way it flows, we may keep hope to the extent possible, but have to keep prepared to accept failures, idealism was finally lost and Prem chand Ji wrote novels like- Godan, Gaban and short stories like – Poos Ki Raat. We find the lead characters who are worthless, live on the earnings of the house lady and when she dies, they consume the money given by villagers for her last rituals on drinking wine and say ‘She was great, after death also she made us drink wine and have a good feast’.

In movies we find film makers like Raj Kapur, who portray a person as a hero, who comes from a village to a big city for earning, initially gets fooled by people but eventually becomes so shrewd that he pays back the cunning people, in their own coin. Here the hero can do everything, even pick pocketing. A song from RK film says-

Shehzaade talwar se khele, main ashqon se khelun’ (The Princes played with swords, I play with tears’).

So, the total concept of a hero is changed. A person who sincerely fights with the situations he faces in life, is a hero of his own life story. There is a film ‘Fir Subah hogi’ by Raj Kapur Ji, in which There is a song-‘Wo Subah kabhi to Aayegi’ (Some day we would witness that day-break, full of hope) and another song says-

Chin-O-Arab hamaara, Hindostaan hamaara, rehne ko ghar nahi hai, saara jahaan hamaara’ (The hero says that the whole world is our own, but we don’t have a roof over our head).

So, the concept about life has changed, in stories, novels, movies and also in our life. We are not born to create miracles. We have to face our life situations, with courage and sincerity, that is all we can do.
Thus, I don’t have any hesitation in saying that, not only me but everybody in the world who loves all human beings and faces the situations arising before him or her with courage and sincerity is a hero or a heroine of his or her life story.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- Do you consider yourself to be the heroine or hero of your life’s story and try to script a superhit? #HeroineHero .

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5 thoughts on “Can I be my own Hero?”

  1. Hello,
    Thank you for your article.
    My English is not good enough to express my ideas on your excellent question, and I would have so much to tell about it.
    But yes, I try every day to be the heroine of my life’s story, not easy but exciting.
    Have a very good good day !


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